Wecome to the Ricinus communis Gene Expression Atlas (RcGEA)

Samples and sequencing information

The seeds of castor bean cv. 'ZB306' were sterilized and germinated at 30 ℃ Germinating endosperm tissue was obtained by seed germination in the dark for 3 days. Young leaf, stem and root tissues were harvested from three-week-old seeding . Meanwhile, a part of seedlings were subjected to various abiotic stress treatments, including Cold (10 ℃ for 6h), Heat (50 ℃ for 6h), Drough (air-dring for 6h) and salt (150mM NaCl for 23 days, the leaf and root tissues were isolated, respectively). The infloresence, immature Pollen, ovule were harveted. Different stages of seed development including Seed 1-5 (10,20,30,40,50 days after pollination). Meanwhile, we dissected the 35 DAP seeds and collected the endosperm, embryo and capsule tissue .   The total RNA was isolated form each of sample and were sequenced on the platform Pacbio Sequel and Hiseq 4000. The transcriptome analysis revealed the expression profiles of transcripts, non-coding RNAs, novel transcripts, fusion genes and alternative splicing.